How to get the best multi-drop rates

It’s really important to know all the facts before starting a new route, if possible try it out as a temporary driver before you commit to sub-contracting.  If this isn’t possible, use the questions below to assess the suitability of the route.


How to negotiate

When negotiating your multi-drop route, please consider the following questions:

  • Ask for an average daily delivery report. This will provide the average amount of deliveries and how long it took to complete ?
  • How many deliveries and collections per day—average?
  • What is the drop/delivery rate – per drop, additional parcels (same drop), Collections, additional collections (same drop) – performance bonuses
  • What is the delivery area? Is it Rural, Urban, or City Centre?  What postcode areas does it cover?
  • What is the average mileage for the route per day?
  • What is the largest amount of parcels expected to be delivered per day -Christmas plans?
  • What is the lowest amount of parels per day?
  • Are there any fines for misdeliveries, late timed deliveries or lost items?
  • What time can you start ?
  • Is there an allocated loading space for your vehicle?
  • What does the average self-employed driver earn?
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