Choosing a Kitchen Worktop

It works harder than any other part of your kitchen, so your worktop has to be tough and durable as well as stylish and elegant. Because of its position in the kitchen, it sits on a horizontal plane just like the floor, it’s a highly visible part of the overall look of your kitchen. People spend a lot of time agonising over the style of doors and handles, and the lighting they will have. Make sure you give the same consideration to your worktops, they deserve it!

There are now many more materials to choose from when considering a worktop. Modern technology has given us a range of super tough materials that are perfect for a busy family home. There are also many designer and luxury materials available. Whether its granite or composite, Iroko or laminate, one of the first things to assess before making a decision, is your budget. What you choose will be largely driven by what you have to spend. Cheaper options can be a good idea, there are some good laminates on the market, however, they will not last as long as more durable products.

Mixing and matching worktops is currently very on trend and so choosing more expensive and durable surfaces for the hardest working areas and choosing a wood or laminate elsewhere may well be a good option.

Another thing to take into consideration is your kitchen layout. If you already know this, it can help you to make a decision on what surface is best. Long straight runs are cheaper and easier to fit. If you have a lot of corners, a composite may be a better idea.

At Paul Barry KBB we are happy to take the time to help you make the right decisions and offer advice and guidance when choosing materials for your worktops. We offer a full design and planning service to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your dream kitchen.

Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Space

If you think about it, your bedroom is the room in our home that we spend the most time in. Yes, our eyes are closed but that’s not to say your bedroom shouldn’t be a comfortable space that reflects you.
Most of all, your bedroom should be the ultimate place to relax, where you can shut the door to the hustle and bustle of the family home and fully unwind.

When it comes to creating our perfect homes we often sacrifice our bedrooms and focus our attention on our living room or areas with high footfall. But why not give ourselves the chance to make a relaxing bedroom space? In this blog we’ll be giving simple tips on how to transform your bedroom into a personal sanctuary.

We recommend a soft base colour for your wallpaper and flooring, being in a neutral coloured room is much easier to wind down in and is the gateway to a great night’s sleep.  Ensure the colours in your bedroom complement each other by selecting them from the same tone spectrum. Light bedroom colours are great for making a room feel larger, a darker hue envelops the bedroom, creating the perfect space to relax and slumber.

A relaxing bedroom space is a must for busy lives and that sense of tranquillity doesn’t just come from the decor.

All of your senses deserve to be treated and that includes your nose. Having your bedroom smell nice is a great way to enjoy your space a bit more. By dotting some nice candles around your room you can have your bedroom smelling beautiful. Obviously lighting your candles gives the room a beautiful smell but even unlit candles can have a beautiful fresh odour. Opening the windows to allow fresh air to circulate the bedroom will also eliminate any musty smells.

Whether your bedroom floor is covered in carpet or hardwood, rugs are a great way to add colour, texture and of course, warmth underfoot. Try layering rugs in different shapes and patterns for an extra-comfy look. Add a super-soft flourish with a chunky woven rug and deep pile carpet to keep your toes toasty.

Use a variety of throw pillows throughout your room. It ties together elements in your colour scheme. Using pillows with various textures, shapes and sizes will add a bit of interest and keep your room from looking overly coordinated.

When forming a relaxing bedroom, you can never have too many throws. With an assortment of textured throws in soft neutrals, breakfast in bed never looked so good.

By incorporating beautiful lighting variations such as dimming chandeliers and bedside lamps you can really enhance the room. Understanding where the natural light in your room enters at different times of the day and using that to influence the layout of your furniture will also create a relaxing bedroom.

And finally, who can relax with a cluttered bedroom? Beautiful sliding robes are a great way to organise your stuff and maximise your space. Our sliding wardrobe doors are custom built to be the perfect fit for your bedroom and they’re a luxurious, modern addition to any home.

Not only do our sliding robes look elegant, they also provide excellent storage solutions. They’re available in a wide range of colours and finishes and with a variety of internal storage options. Speak to us to find out more.

What is a Bespoke Kitchen?

Purchasing a new kitchen for your home is a huge decision and after the process is completed, it’s important to love every piece of it. At Paul Barry KBB we believe that the best way to ensure your space is perfect for you is to make it a fully bespoke kitchen.

You hear the word bespoke a lot these days, but what does the term really mean?

According to Houzz, the term bespoke originally came from master tailors in the 17th & 18th century who created made-to-order goods for royalty and the elite upper class that were fitted specifically for the human form. One of the defining markers for upper class society was the quality of tailoring their wardrobe featured, and if their stitching was purposefully made for them.

A bespoke kitchen is one that is entirely unique to your home. Our kitchens don’t come out of the box, they’re made to measure using the finest natural resources to produce beautiful, sturdy and timeless kitchen cabinetry.

There is no standard sizing or one-fits-all process, and whilst we have kitchen designs that can be followed for inspiration, we can create completely unique designs for every customer.

Bespoke kitchens provide the individual touches that make your home yours and with our custom-made services we are able to bring your unique taste to life.

We achieve our truly bespoke kitchens by offering a design service to our clients. This is our way of getting to know our client’s preferences when it comes to their bespoke kitchen; their likes and dislikes, so we can tailor our build around that. When you’re investing in something as important as a new kitchen – you want it to transform your home and reflect your personality.

When it comes to a bespoke kitchen, we believe that they’re the ultimate expression of style in your home. These days the kitchen is the hub of activity in our homes; it’s where we cook, eat, entertain and relax – and your kitchen design should enable you to get the most out of this space.

Your cabinet doors are what really stands out when anybody steps into your kitchen, so that’s where the journey of a bespoke kitchen begins and by selecting finely tailored cabinets, you’ll find that timeless styling and excellent craftsmanship will not date your kitchen.

But it’s not just the cabinets, lighting and tiling that your bespoke kitchen is personalised to suit you. Do you like great coffee? We can find you the perfect coffee machine. Are you a baker? We can provide the best baking ovens. Is wine drinking your thing? We can install stunning wine fridges.

All of our designs are made with you in mind and we believe they’re synonymous with luxury. Paul Barry KBB bespoke kitchens achieve beauty, functionality and design built to last. Speak to us to find out more & arrange your free consultation.

Our Guide to Bathroom Lighting

With the flick of a switch your bathroom’s look and feel can be transformed if you get your lighting right.

Besides the practical advantages of beautiful bathroom lighting, the illumination of the space can highlight the best features and truly give your bathroom the wow factor.Good bathroom lighting should be bright enough for your morning shave and yet it should allow you to fully relax in a hot bubble bath.

Sometimes the brilliant whiteness of light needed for make-up or shaving does not create soothing atmospheres when you’re unwinding in your bath or shower – this is where mood lighting is perfect for bathroom lighting.

At Paul Barry KBB, we have drawn inspiration from some of the world’s most luxurious spa retreats to find lighting that will create ambiance, drama and intensity. Our team of master electricians are equipped to ensure they’re on a separate circuit to your main lighting to dim and blend the two light spectrums to fully suit your mood.

The key to fabulous bathroom lighting is to ensure that all your bathroom lighting is specifically designed for that room.

For example, lights fitted inside a shower will require a higher IP rating than general overhead lighting. Our designers can match you perfectly to fittings that skim light down the back wall of a shower or bath version for a low energy effect.

Adding wall lights are another great way to make your bathing space more interesting and different. LED designs give off calming vibes and cast a lovely soft glow in the bathroom. Downlights can be especially effective when used to illuminate the back wall of a shower and make it look more dramatic.

Want to inject some quirkiness into your bathroom? A colourful light can add a pop of colour and draw the eye. We also supply showerheads with coloured lights in for a funky aesthetic.

After working with our experienced designers to create a stunning shower or wet room, an accentuating lighting feature will certainly add the finishing touches to your installation. Not only will the bathroom lighting brighten the room and make it safer, it can add a gorgeous sparkle effect to the flowing water.

Our designers will ensure your sink and mirror are lit in the most flattering way and the face is lit evenly from either side. Around the mirror is the obvious area for task lighting what with the teeth brushing, shaving and makeup activities which occur every day.

With our variety of bathroom lighting fits, consisting of a carefully selected range of ceiling lights, illuminated LED mirrors, LED cabinets, down-lighting and mood spectrum lighting, to name but a few, we know that your brand new bathroom is an ideal space to introduce a stunning lighting scheme into your home.

Why Do I need A Kitchen Designer?

What is it that makes a kitchen efficient, stylish, and functional? A kitchen designer!

In this day and age there are many online tools that homeowners can use to help design their kitchens, but nothing quite beats the expertise and skill of a professional kitchen designer. For various reasons we recommend an experienced kitchen designer who works with you every step of the way to achieve what you’re looking for.
We, as experienced kitchen designers, are dedicated to informing our clients early on about each step of the kitchen remodel process, something an online service cannot provide.

Of course, nobody quite knows your taste, personality and budget as well as you do – but it is a professional kitchen designer’s job to dissect your character and amplify your style to give you the best advice on using your space effectively.
Although a kitchen designer is not an interior designer, the two roles do somewhat overlap as you will be advised on what kitchen colours and styles will work best in your home whilst taking into consideration the room’s natural light, specifications and configurations.

Not only that, but a professional has an in-depth knowledge of what materials work best in each role of your kitchen and can troubleshoot potential design errors which could be expensive if undetected.

The key to good design is making sure every aspect of the environment works, but the key to great design is ensuring it works around the right person. Our designers pick apart each tiny segment of the kitchen’s layout to ensure it’s matching our client’s personal needs. Taking on board if our client is predominantly left or right handed when choosing cabinet doors is a small  detail we will check make sure everything is just perfect.

Kitchen designers can offer extensive product information about every aspect of your development, from the worktops to the coffee machine. They remain at the forefront  of industry changes and new creations, a kitchen designer can offer an array of products that fits your specific need and eliminates your extensive homework.

A kitchen is an investment into your home which is why it needs to be carefully planned to create a timeless style and elegance. You may like a certain type of style now but in a few years, it will look dated. This can be eliminated by the inclusion of the designer who is ahead of the curve and studies interior trends to make sure your kitchen stands the test of time.

We believe that this ensures a smooth process from the kitchen remodel decision to the final installation. Whether you are planning a kitchen redesign in Liverpool or in any other part of the North West, our experienced kitchen designers are here to help and to accompany you throughout the whole kitchen design process.

Our kitchen design service is completely free, why wouldn’t you?

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