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Restoration & Renovation

Restoration & Renovation

Years of wear and tear can take its toll on your property’s appearance which is why our plaster restoration specialists offer professional repair services throughout Liverpool and the North West. We have developed a specific formula which is ideal for resurfacing, restoring, and repairing your property’s existing plaster surfaces.

If your walls suffer damage and require a team of experts to restore it, Plasterers In Liverpool provide a wide range of skills to suit a variety of needs whether this be from a renovation project to a small patch, no job is too small or less important to us. We will also strip paint away from old archways, cornices and mouldings and clean the existing plaster as part of our service.

Damage can be caused by years of impact, burst pipes and leaking roofs and your plaster can end up being discoloured. Our expert team will then analyse the existing plaster and provide a thorough examination of how we can work to deliver a solid surface on your walls and ceilings. If the structure of walls or ceilings has weakened, replacement might be necessary.

All our restoration and renovation services are carried out to reinforce the existing wall and ceiling systems. After necessary structural repairs are completed, our base coat and finish coat restoration systems allow you to tie in all repair work seamlessly to create a unified, flawless plaster façade.

We repair all architectural styles with ease and our wealth of experience guarantees our customers an exceptional repair and renewal of any structures they may have. When you need a professional plasterer for skilful application on an we can provide the answer to your industry professional needs.