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Skimming and Re-skimming Walls & Ceilings

Skimming and Re-skimming Walls & Ceilings

This is the term used to skim over your walls and ceilings’ existing plaster or artex to create a smooth finish ready to apply new emulsion. The art of skimming and re-skimming is generally used when the base is still solid but the top coat of plaster is looking tired and starting to flake. Skimming and re-skimming prepares your walls ready to transform your space.

If you have an old wall or ceiling that requires re-skimming, you can count on Plasterers In Liverpool’s expertise to get a smooth wall primed and ready for decorating. Our knowledgeable team ensure the base is a perfect foundation for skimming and will only work after thorough and correct preparation. Our extremely even finish is the perfect way to prepare your surfaces for it’s next stage of decoration.

Reskimming is commonly a thin layer of fine plaster applied smoothly to the brick directly. This acts as a base for the skim plaster to be applied on either plasterboard, solid plaster or existing old plastered walls.

Once skim plaster is applied to a good solid base an experienced plasterer can trowel it up to produce a beautiful strong, smooth and flawless finish that can just be painted to look stunning. In the majority of cases a re-skim is all that is needed to bring the room back to life.

When we are completing our work, we always ensure we are clean and tidy so that you have minimum inconvenience. We offer home visits and professional advice prior to starting the project so you we can recommend the best course of action.