Our cloud services help you perform better and save money®

Redwing helps healthcare organisations to save money, achieve better patient care, and improve patient safety.


We provide a range of cloud-based analytic services via the GOV.UK Digital Marketplace.

These are used to measure and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of NHS Trusts and other healthcare enterprises.

Redwing’s services are provided to the NHS through the new Government framework, G-Cloud.  For a long time, the NHS has needed a set of simple and legally compliant frameworks that enable Trusts to buy services more quickly and much more efficiently than traditional procurement methods.  G-Cloud is that framework.

Using G-Cloud first is strongly recommended by central government, to all public bodies that are carrying out systems and services procurements.  It is often termed a ‘pay as you go’ approach to buying IT in the public sector and is seen as a way to reduce IT costs for buyers.  Think of it this way: instead of paying to buy a vehicle outright plus paying for associated running costs, G-Cloud means a fixed charge per mile – like a taxi.  It’s a service, not a capital expenditure.

Read the PDF:  G-Cloud for the NHS

“Purchases through the cloud should be the first option considered by public sector buyers of IT products and services.”  Cabinet Office


Rapid analysis of events

provides the information that NHS Trusts need to improve patient safety, enhance quality care and enrich integrated governance. Raven was developed in close collaboration with senior NHS managers. It delivers the analytics needed to analyse, understand, and take effective action on: Incidents and Adverse Events; Claims; Compliments and Complaints.

Digital Marketplace


Operating room intelligence on-line environment

provides the information that NHS Hospital Trusts need, to make the most efficient use of Operating Theatre resources, minimise costs, and improve patient safety. Oriole was developed in close collaboration with clinicians and senior managers. It provides comprehensive analytics from the raw data in existing Operating Room systems.

Digital Marketplace

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